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pretty much the BEST place on the planet. there atleast one park in almost every state. the Java NewYork park is basically the best place on earth. Its not just a campground, its more of a resort vacation spot. At the newyork location, there are chalets(my favorite), cabins, and trailer/rv spots. there is an activity center where fun things go on every day, a ranger station with a conveniance store/gift shop and gameroom. There is a large pond stocked wioth fish, a beach, and an amazing outdoor pool. it is yogi-bear themed, which is sweeeet. alot of people think its stupid when they see the yogi bear part of it, but honestly, its like the disney world effect: it makes u feel happy by seeing things u might of liked when u were little. but its not like corny and dumb. its really subtle. and the campground is beautiful..i love this place sooo much
"have you ever been to yogi bear;s jellystone park"
"*starts to cry*"
"whats wrong???!?!?"
"i love that place so much..i wish i lived there"
by in love with October 13, 2006

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