A telephone, a thing you talk into to talk to other people what are like millions of miles away and it's almost like meeting them face to face.
ring ring! it's the jellybone!
by Jelly-Boner December 05, 2006
Top Definition
(adjective) nervous, anxious.
Also the name of a Unicorns Song.
"That boy's so cute he gives me jellybones!"
"...I came to, my kneecaps were off, they were soft, I had jellybones..."
by Ez M. September 06, 2005
How to describe someone without a back bone. Generally followed or used simultaniously with the "jelly bone dance."
He can't stand up to her, he has a jelly bone.
by Ajax55 March 17, 2009
The moment before you reach full on bone action and your hoo hoo dilly is still jelly like.
I thought i was good at giving head, but I could only get huim to jelly bone.
by Fear the Derek July 10, 2010
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