weed, pot, marijuana.
hey bro you got the jellybeans?
yeah dude tonight is going to be legit!
by nickman95 March 07, 2011
Top Definition
Someone who acts/plays hard headed, but really is soft at heart. Like how a jelly bean is hard on the ouside and soft in the middle.
"Thats my brother, Ant. I call him jelly bean. Hard headed on the outside, soft on the inside."
From the movie; ATL
by Nick Meers July 09, 2006
The cutest cat in the world. She is orange and white, borderline retarded, and has a head tilt. She likes salmon, destroying laptops, socks, and mittens.
The was a vote among all people in the world, and every single cute thing was on the ballot. Jellybean won 82% of the vote!.
by CLittle July 10, 2008
1. Innuendo used to portray a male's sexual desire towards a particular woman.

2. Referring to the physically pleasing aspects of a woman because everyone knows that a Jelly Bean is supple and delicious.
Woman: "Oh, that man over there looks fine!"
Other Woman: "Bitch, please, he is only after your Jelly Beans"

Man: "Damn, son, I really want her Jelly Beans."
by Gouchardo September 12, 2011
um, the best things ever. the most magical thing since santa clause!! :)who doesnt love them?!?! <3
JELLY BELLY!!! "i love Jelly beans"
by JellyBelly24 June 27, 2009
A skating rink located all around the United States.
On friday nights, Jellybeans is infested with the following groups:

1. Scene/Emo kids with multidecorated roller skates who come with their friends and/or romantic interests
2. Chavs who can't skate to save their lives
3. Fat adults who think that rollerskating with teenagers will make them young and skinny again
4. Out-of-place bored kids who go there because the movies are too boring
"Hey, do you want to go to the movies?"

"No way, man. Let's go skate a Jellybeans."
by Nicxolelovesyou February 02, 2008
1. Small, sugarcoated candies, mass produced and formed to resemble the shape of a bean.

2. A euphemism for marijuana, ganja, weed, useful for talking about the purchase and/or smoking of it around others or on the phone.
James: Yo nigga, I need the hook up on some errr... jellybeans.
Franklin: What quantity of jellybeans will you be requiring today, G?
James: An eighth should do me... of jellybeans.
by C<>Note March 11, 2009

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