When your ready to cum, let it loose and punch the male or female (depends on how you swing)untill he/she sumbitts and starts to bleed. Use a devise to mix the two and enjoy.
Hey you wanna go to dunkin doughnuts and get a jelly doughnut from the girl behind the counter
by F U May 17, 2003
Top Definition
When you cum in a person's mouth and then punch the person in the nose so the cum and blood mixes and looks like jelly.
That bitch wouldn't swallow so i gave her a jelly donut, teach that ho!
by Cabbage November 18, 2003
A jelly-doughnut is when one ejaculates on anothers face and then gives him/her a swift punch to the nose strong enough to where the nose bleeds.
Kyle gave Katie the worst jelly-doughnut ever last night.
by borolb August 03, 2006
the act of ejaculating onto the face of a woman after oral sex and then proceeding to punch her nose for the desired result of cum and blood on her face, and she finds it erotic. (note: the term "jelly doughnut" is derived from the combination of cum and blood resembling a freshly bitten jelly doughnut.)
Things really started to heat up when she told me to give her a jelly doughnut.
by random guy February 19, 2003
a term of endearment for lovers in love. attempt to cum in your significant others face and then give him or her an affectionate punch in the face to spread the added blood (love) all around)...
I gave her a jelly doughnut and she wouldn't leave me alone. love at first sight i say.
by Roger Turnstile November 06, 2003
a prison term for when one man goes down on another man. he sploodges in his eyes and then punches him in his eyes to make a bruise or make him bleed to mark his territory
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
Before you ejaculate during intercourse, pull out and shoot your load in a circlular motion around your parters face (simulating the glaze). Then you crack them full fisted in the nose so it gushes blood. (Simulating the jelly)
Chris Wagner likes to recieve a jelly doughnut every morning before work.
by Bradley Bevan January 18, 2003
The act of blowing your load onto a womans face then breaking her nose.
I gave my girlfriend a jelly doughnut after she sucked me off.
by ryok June 30, 2003
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