Jellicle is a word created by Andrew Lloyd Webber in his hit musical "Cats". It is a word that has vast meaning yet... is indescribable. Jellicle cats are thought to be superior over other street cat, though what actually constitutes a Jellicle cat is unknown.
The introduction of "Cats" uses Jellicle word multiple times. Seems to be a term of superiority.
by Inflicted January 05, 2006
Top Definition
The word "Jellicle" first appears in "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" by T. S. Elliot, specifically the poem "The Song of the Jellicles". The name "Jellicle cat" is derived from an attempt by T.S. Eliot's infant niece to say "dear little cat"
Jellicle Cats come out to-night
Jellicle Cats come one come all:
The Jellicle Moon is shining bright -
Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball.
by Zanti September 15, 2006
a word used to seduce teenagers and little children. Usually said by a female using the word as a nickname for their genitals.
come and pet my jellicle cats?
would you like to meet my jellicle cats?
by Asjkfgks July 18, 2010

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