A Persian expression to call a loved one or a sexy girl/boy. Someone that is damn cute or sexy and delicious that you want eat her/him! (Usually a sexually suggestive term)

Equivalent to the word "baby", but cuter and sexier.
Guy: Hey jeegar, do you wanna come over?
Girl: Sure!
by Persian Guy November 20, 2012
Top Definition
a hot, sexy persian person who is addicted to smoking houka, shops, wears only brand name clothes, goes out every weekend, and only hangs out with other hot, sexy persians
Jeegar 1: "Jeegar - Georgetown on Saturday night with my new BMW... again!?"
Jeegar 2: "Damn straight!"
by iranianhottie February 15, 2005
a nickname me and my sister call eachother. originated from jigguhboo, but we have this thing to change names to a weird way of typing.
twipps: jeegar! where are you?
denise: bussin' it back home =)
by twippany March 20, 2005
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