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What Frylock called Jesus in ATHF due to standards and practices
Hey that guy looks like Jes-, I mean Jee Wizz.
by triforcewrists90 August 29, 2008
a word u say wen u want sex or are pissed off and if u switch the j and the w u get we jizz so it is also a 2 words that mean jizz
ahh jee wizz i want sex!
by duchon mandick June 25, 2008
A old-fashioned term used to describe a bad situation. Commonly, used in Scooby Doo.
Jee wizz , really? Did you have to take a really big crap in the mystery van, Scooby? I know it's been a ruff week but dang.
by Leslie_lemon August 06, 2016
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