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Short for projects, the ghetto ass part of any and every town.
Fresh off the jet to the Jects where the G’s at? - Tip "T.I." Harris
by zdawg March 22, 2006
79 28
short for the projects
men fuck yo hood im from da south jects
by throwed&payed December 11, 2003
209 28
Short for proJECTs as in low cost usually Government subsidised housing. Sometims called the "Ghetto".
"yo dawg I be goin to the jects do get me some of that dank"

TI - What you know:
"Fresh off the jet to the Jects where the G’s at"
by NO 4 EVR March 29, 2006
41 20
A short form of the word "Projects". Used in "gangster" music otherwise known as rap.
Fresh off the jet to the Jects where the G’s at - "What You Know - T.I."
by DJ Chopstixxx April 05, 2006
21 16
an individual who is considered a reject or idiotic.

can either be used. ('Ree') ('ject') or ('ject of re')
''O.M.G!! Tom is such a massive Ject!!

''Tom leave those kids alone you ree!!''

''I would like Tom if he wasn't such a complete ject of ree!!!!''
by muck chucka June 18, 2014
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Ject is a short form for Project which means your hood.
Ya ock, get at me I'm in the ject
by KDS12 April 11, 2006
17 18
short for objective or subjective, depending on the context.
Let's be ject about this decision.
by InsaneDreamer June 25, 2011
5 8