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very common swear-word in polish with lots of meanings - basically "to fuck", "to have sex".

Common varieties:
- wyjebac sie - fall down
- zjebac sie - to fart or if something breaks down
- zjebac - to damage, to spoil
- zajebac - to kill
- wjebac - to hit someone
- ujebac, odjebac - to break something, deattach
- przyjebac - to hit someone or something (i.e nail)
- ojebac - to steal from someone
Uwielbiam jebac w dupe.
I love to fuck in the asshole.

Zjebalem sie i strasznie pierdoli.
I farted and it smells terribly.
by JohnnyDoop December 07, 2005
1.) Pronounced 'YE-bahch'. Slavic term meaning a womanizer, or player. Derived from the word 'jebi', meaning "to fuck" in Eastern Europe.

2.) A Slavic term for a man obsessed with sex.

3.) A Balkan stud.
The Serb at the nightclub fancied himself as a jebac.
by Frank The Tank 71 February 02, 2009
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