1. A common typo.
2. A girl that snores like a bear.
A: 'jdlyn that!'
C: 'wtf ?'
A: 'my bad. typo.'

D: 'wtf? is that fucking bear in your room?'
D: 'never mind. you're just snoring.'
by just-butter October 19, 2010
3 Words related to jdlyn
1. A code word used by Vietnamese troops in the Vietnam War. It signaled to make loud noises, as if you're a bear, in order to intimidate American Troops.
2. A common typo in casual conversations on any instant messanger.

'Đi Làm tình một con gấu Jdlyn.' - Alfred
'Rawr!!!!!!!!!!!' - Vietnamene soldiers

JereMiah101: i was trying to jdlyn that math problem.
XxEzekielxX: ?
JereMiah101: i was trying to solve*** that math problem.
by just-butter October 21, 2010

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