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A kind of bomb that is used specifically to explodes little children.
I can't believe those terrorists put that javan on the school bus.
by Barker Lover May 05, 2011
the most awesome person that there is

person 1 : your so awesomee
by biilllllll September 27, 2011
To obsess, or someone that obsesses, about fantasy football trades and submit multiple trades to everyone in your league on a daily basis.
We have a new owner in our league and I think he might be a Javan.

This guy is Javaning me to death, I have three trade proposals from him every day.
by Headbands November 07, 2013
A verb that means to accelerate in one's car while the passenger is still entering, with one foot inside and the other outside the car.
Driver: Iight, so we're hitting up D.C right?

Passenger: Yeah, hold on lemme get in

Driver (steps on the accelerator pedal): Iight, let's jet

Passenger: Ey don't Javan me!

Driver: Oh my bad, I thought you was in.
by Mr. Rain Man March 18, 2009
To catch ones vomit in ones hands after downing tequila.
Man I did a javan, look at this water pizza in my hands...
by Mathius Maximus June 08, 2006