To catch ones vomit in ones hands after downing tequila.
Man I did a javan, look at this water pizza in my hands...
by Mathius Maximus June 08, 2006
Top Definition
the most awesome person that there is

person 1 : your so awesomee
by biilllllll September 27, 2011
A kind of bomb that is used specifically to explodes little children.
I can't believe those terrorists put that javan on the school bus.
by Barker Lover May 05, 2011
To obsess, or someone that obsesses, about fantasy football trades and submit multiple trades to everyone in your league on a daily basis.
We have a new owner in our league and I think he might be a Javan.

This guy is Javaning me to death, I have three trade proposals from him every day.
by Headbands November 07, 2013
A verb that means to accelerate in one's car while the passenger is still entering, with one foot inside and the other outside the car.
Driver: Iight, so we're hitting up D.C right?

Passenger: Yeah, hold on lemme get in

Driver (steps on the accelerator pedal): Iight, let's jet

Passenger: Ey don't Javan me!

Driver: Oh my bad, I thought you was in.
by Mr. Rain Man March 18, 2009
A large Arabian whose chief obsessions are Thursday afternoons, chickens, and crusts.

Will always pick having the girl on top.
'Hey, did you see that guy chasing that chicken??'
'Yeah, he's such a Javan'
by XsupercookieX July 06, 2016
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