Pre-2008, singer/songwriter one-hit wonder known for his 2003 single "The Remedy".

Post-2008, singer/songwriter one-hit wonder known for his 2008 single "I'm Yours".
Check out the next huge Jason Mraz hit, due out to radio summer 2013!!!
by voidsoul October 26, 2009
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His music has no label. Or shouldn't at least. Vocals are amazing, and he's basically a down to earth guy. Best known for "The Remedy". If Jason keeps it up, he can change music. Always did things the way he wanted, and describes his concerts as "a variety show" or "a little bit of everything" go to to find out more.
Jason Mraz is even better live than recorded...thats how amazing he truly is.
by geekinthepink August 06, 2006
A guy with a hat that plays amazing music
From Family guy-

Peter: Hey! You're Jason Mraz!

Guy: I'm not Jason Mraz...I'm just a guy with a hat

Peter: Yeah! That's who Jason Mraz is!
by Asiansantaa July 09, 2010
the sexiest perv alive!!!!!!!!!!!

also a great singer
Jason Mraz - "All I need to see you pull your knee socks up...Let me feel you upside down, slide in, slide out, slide over here, climb into my mouth now"
by zain832 September 01, 2008
that sexy guy who sings that super addictive song "im yours" that you will listen to over and over again till your mom forcefully makes you shut down the computer and wash the dishes
Eve: "looove looove looove looove im yours!!!! omg Jason Mraz i loooove you!"

Mom: "eve! turn that off and scrub them dishes missy!"
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
The most nifty keen man alive. He is a singer and musician. His most famous hits include "The Remedy", "I'm Yours", and "Lucky". It's hard to put a label on Jason Mraz or his music. The only thing I can think of is Frigging Amazing! This man has a great voise combined with a unique sound that never get's boring. His lyrics are the best and they leave you reeling. He was born on June 23, 1977 in Mechanicsville Virginia. Jason Mraz rocks my socks.
Jason Mraz AKA Mr. A-Z
by Dynamo of Volition April 10, 2011
Everything gorgeous and amazing in the world. Vocie like an angel, face not far off. Amazing soul, beautiful man all round. I met him when I was just a little kid and he was still playing in a bar. He bought my family a round of drinks. Amazing man, even when he was down.
Bf: OMG my girlfriend passed out! I think she might die!
Music lover: Quick, play her "I'll Do Anything"!
Bf: Will you?
Music lover: No, you tard, JASON MRAZ MUSIC!!!!!

Girl comes round within seconds.
by Jason Mraz lover May 09, 2011
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