1. A super dainty, awesome, dude, legit, flower, Dudemanbro, duet who understandimates each other who often talk for hours
2. A prince and princess
3. Call and response
4. Often strikes of crazy ninja- monkey- squirrel (vise vera) in public
Hey that Jara is super pimpolitious

to the metro... to the metro
by Jara127 November 09, 2010
Top Definition
The best bitch ever. Once you have a Jara you never go back to anyone else. She's stunning, she can dance, and she's great in bed. Watch out for a Jara though. Very dangerous and heartless. She has no feelings whatsoever but that is what makes her irresistible. She's also amazing at kissing. Best kisser around. She's the absolute full package.
"Dude. There goes a Jara. Damn, wish I would've kept her."

"I feel ya bro."
by daggerjuu November 25, 2014
Puerto Rican slang for the police, popular in the past (between the decades of the 40's-70's). Comes from a play on the name O'Hara in reference to Irish police officers who patrolled the cities.
"Cuidao, ahi viene la jara."

"Becareful, here comes the police."
by Brujo77 November 01, 2007
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