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when someone creeps up behind you and attacks you with no warning

comes from the unprovoked jap attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941--but those bastards paid for it--Little Boy and Fat Man
Donyell got jap attacked by Leroy and his posse while chillin' in his own crib yo! Word!
by Steve February 12, 2004
Being backstabbed by a co-worker at the office, causing irreparable damage to one's career.
I've just been fired, because my sonofabitch coworker japattacked me in a peer performance review.
by Quincy H. March 21, 2006
When a bunch of Japs (Jewish American Princesses) start bitching and complaining.
JAP 1: Oh my god its so hot here.
JAP 2: Im hungry
JAP 3: I lost my Evian water bottle
All three: I wanna go home
Shappy: Oh shit... hide! We have a jap attack on our hands!
by Shappy November 30, 2006