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(adj.) A JANKY person is your friend, while secretly stealing everything you own in a sneaky manner: such as your wallet, drugs, girl friend, or anything in sight left unattended.
"I woke up and all my shit was gone! That JANKY fucker even stole the shoes off my feet!"

"I couldn't find my dope anywhere, and that JANKY Johnny helped me look for it! Come to find out he had it in his pocket the whole time yet still helped look for it, that sneaky bastard!"
by JANKY SICILIANZ February 02, 2009
A word to describe something that is sketch/cheap/awkward. Usually used to describe an object.
Man, I went to walgreens to get some wrapping paper and it was just all janky.
by HeyHeyHey!!!!! December 03, 2008
Something that is defective, sub-par, sketchy or questionable.
Uhle is janky ever since he decided to skip work in order to go camping.

I would never go camping with Uhle as he is super janky in the way he always wants to share a tent and sleeping bag with someone.
by TSwift201410 September 19, 2013
A once glorious word that met its downfall when it became the prime word for calling things shitty on the show iCarly. However, there are some still out there that adore the word. Little bastards.

Sensible, devilishly handsome man: You're a nasty iCarly fan.
by Matthew Oscar Mayer Bologna March 24, 2010
skanky and junky, what the Hawaiians call 'had-it'
Nikki is one janky chick.
These are my jankiest jeans.
by what's it to ya December 14, 2007
adj.- Sketchy or hard to interpret. Something that cant be trusted or understood.
The directions that guy gave us were Janky, i don't think they'll take us where we wanna go.
by Brendan aka Benj November 16, 2004
something that is fucked up.
like if your bro gets his dick shot off and a dog starts eating it, youd call it a jankies situation.
by adam the masta p playa March 09, 2003