an adjective for a person, place, or thing which is quite broken, annoying, undesirable, gross, unfortunate, messed up, just plain stupid, or for anything with a negative connotation.

This word may be integrated into other words to describe many things, for example: "jankmuffin, straight out of the oven." or "you got a janky face."

It can also be used as a complaint about ones life: "my life is janky" or "m.l.i.j.".
"Ugh, my teacher gave me so much homework!"
"That's Janky!"
"You're ugly!" "Well, you're just janky!"
iPod chromatic on speaker "Ugh, turn that OFF! it sounds so janky!"
"the oven's not working, it's gone all janky on us."
and an example of M.L.I.J....
"Our swim coaches threw snow at us during practice. It was cold. mlij."
by MyLifeIsJankyByKeke January 19, 2010
A word to describe something that is sketch/cheap/awkward. Usually used to describe an object.
Man, I went to walgreens to get some wrapping paper and it was just all janky.
by HeyHeyHey!!!!! December 03, 2008
A description of an Item that is broke down, wore out or in need of bad repair. -"Junky"-
This janky car bout to break down.
by DZWilliams October 27, 2006
An adjective used to describe anything;To be Sleezy, Skeezy, Undersireble, Gross, Shady or anything in between.
"Did you see Laquisha Grinding on Dayvon at dat party? You could straight see her coochie."

"Yes, why she gotta be such a Janky hoe?".

"She was born that way."
by Nonie-Lafonduh-Avocado February 11, 2009
A level above sketchy.
The look he gave me was janky.
by gabbyisflyyy January 22, 2009
Of questionable strength or worth; ramshackle or rigged in an unprofessional manner; ludicrously cheap or ill-suited to a given purpose; laughable; e.g. George W. Bush. Origin: Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Reno, NV, USA circa 1996 (earliest known)
That lifeboat is janky! Look at the duct tape job.
by Master Bacon August 07, 2008
adj.- Sketchy or hard to interpret. Something that cant be trusted or understood.
The directions that guy gave us were Janky, i don't think they'll take us where we wanna go.
by Brendan aka Benj November 16, 2004

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