1) fine ass filipina broads that comes with the whole package: ass, tits, curves, face, sexii moves
they git jockedby playaz everyday

2) they can make a boi easily git sprung on her

3) filipina girls dat have everything a dawg can ask 4

4) janikas are hott mamiiz that have smooth mocha brown skin
,deep light brown eyes, a cocacola body, and they
especially know how to keep their man askin for more.
ex1- "boi, u see dat sexii lookin mama ova der??"
"yea...dats janika. she gits jocked on everyday 24/7"

ex2- "man, u see my babii janika in dem booty shorts 2day?
" im sprung off of dat huney right der!!!"

ex3- "dawg,u kno janika?"
"she got me hypnotized!!"
"she got everything a playa can ask 4!!"

ex4- "damn girl!! wer u git all dat?? every detail look
like it got customized,but everythin' i naturally
like dat...damn...jesus got sum skillz in makin
huneyz like yoself!! DAMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!"
by secretly in love wit u February 28, 2008
Top Definition
A great friend to everyone. Athletic, tall, and funny. Sometimes bisexual but still great to hang with. Dark brown eyes and skin. Nice full lips, good for kissing. Beautiful inside and out and never stops smiling. Laughs a lot and is good at making jokes. A nice ass and great boobs and great body. Very athletic.
Guy 1: wow she's so beautiful

Guy 2: must be a janika
by McSexy24 November 09, 2014
1) fine ass filipina broads that comes with the whole package: ass,tits,face,lips,curves,eyes,and a man's fantasies...
they usually live in the ghetto and git jocked by every guy they walk past.

2) a filipina girl that a guy gets easily sprung on
and can't live without her by his side

3) a broad from da philippines with smooth light brown skin,
deep brown eyes, a cocacola body, and knows how 2 make her boi beg 4 more
ex1- "dude, who's that sexii ass filipina chick"
"oh, that's janika. all the playaz be jockin on herr"

ex2- "dawg, mah baby janika over derr...she got me sprung."
"just thinkin bout herr gone gits me mad as hell!!!!!"

ex3- "Ay, u seen dat fine lookin pilipina broad from the
philippines? DAMMMNNN!!! every detail she got makes
me wanna ask," SEXII CAN I??? "
by secretly in love wit u February 28, 2008

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