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Jangus refers to something that is fucked up, broken, or wrong. Derivative of Janky. Jangus an be used to describe something that is ugly, such as a person, or broken, such as an electronic device.
wow, her face is jangus.

fuck, my phone is being jangus.
by nauidiver January 26, 2010
a word that can have a + or - meaning. Its a word that can mean anything u want it to for any purpose or reason. Initaly it was made up by B E in the Aderondacks . Just after triping on a root on the trail coming off of Mt. Colden he said MOTHA fing JANgus ... Boy did we laugh...
Now after being used at Center Court It has turned into a word that can mean anything the user wants it to ... The first definition is wrong It was a word given to the kids so they would'nt get into trouble for swearing... by CREE
One of the teaching pros at the time... Its all Good !!! Alacrity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
Mother fing Jangus
sisters Jangus , Ur such a Jangus , That dog is so Jangus, Go hump ur mothers ankles u stankin jangus , JIngially Jangusis, Jangially Jangus to the left, Hows ur Jangus?? good and hanging to the left... monkies bagonias u jangus , Nice shot u little Jangus , songa is such a Jangus, Jang this Jang that u fing Jang ,,Jangiddie Jang jang jang, that flower is so jangus, ur so jangus
by Reefus Ferrimule CRI cre ree April 17, 2006
A vagina with genetal warts inside.
I went to go eat this chick out and she had a jangus, i fucking threw up all over her.
by J-mug November 27, 2008
A term used by a Center Court teacher when in the presence of children so as to not curse in front of them and get fired

Can be used as a curse, insult, or name
"O yeah good shot you little Jangus"
by Jangus December 09, 2004
A nickname given to he who created the concept of Jangus as a word

A nickname used by he who created the concept of Jangus as a word
"Dude Jangus Got Fired"
by Jangus December 09, 2004