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a word that can have a + or - meaning. Its a word that can mean anything u want it to for any purpose or reason. Initaly it was made up by B E in the Aderondacks . Just after triping on a root on the trail coming off of Mt. Colden he said MOTHA fing JANgus ... Boy did we laugh...
Now after being used at Center Court It has turned into a word that can mean anything the user wants it to ... The first definition is wrong It was a word given to the kids so they would'nt get into trouble for swearing... by CREE
One of the teaching pros at the time... Its all Good !!! Alacrity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
Mother fing Jangus
sisters Jangus , Ur such a Jangus , That dog is so Jangus, Go hump ur mothers ankles u stankin jangus , JIngially Jangusis, Jangially Jangus to the left, Hows ur Jangus?? good and hanging to the left... monkies bagonias u jangus , Nice shot u little Jangus , songa is such a Jangus, Jang this Jang that u fing Jang ,,Jangiddie Jang jang jang, that flower is so jangus, ur so jangus
by Reefus Ferrimule CRI cre ree April 17, 2006
Jangus refers to something that is fucked up, broken, or wrong. Derivative of Janky. Jangus an be used to describe something that is ugly, such as a person, or broken, such as an electronic device.
wow, her face is jangus.

fuck, my phone is being jangus.
by nauidiver January 26, 2010
A vagina with genetal warts inside.
I went to go eat this chick out and she had a jangus, i fucking threw up all over her.
by J-mug November 27, 2008
A nickname given to he who created the concept of Jangus as a word

A nickname used by he who created the concept of Jangus as a word
"Dude Jangus Got Fired"
by Jangus December 09, 2004
A term used by a Center Court teacher when in the presence of children so as to not curse in front of them and get fired

Can be used as a curse, insult, or name
"O yeah good shot you little Jangus"
by Jangus December 09, 2004
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