Nick name for a fellow that is well endowed..........if you know what I mean. Meaning that it's so long, it sounds like a large chain when pulling it out.
She called me Frank till she saw me naked, now she calls me jangalang.
by Roachleg May 12, 2006
Top Definition
Old 1930's slang for homosexual. See it for yourself in a movie called "Life" Eddie Murphy and Martin Larwence. Bernie Mac plays the homosexual and his nickname is guessed it....
Jangalang how many men are you going to try to have sex with?
by Dawana December 12, 2006
Icy necklaces,y'all know them blingy chains
Hey Yo Y'all seen 50 cent's new Jang a Langs It's thangy
by ''U Fat MotherFucker'' March 12, 2004
you dickheads. Jangalang is money. Cash, moola, dolla dolla bill ya'll, bones, mice, benjamins, dollars.., currency..

usually coin-age, chump change, cuz it Jang-a-langs when you creep on up crazy mutha fuckas
".. Hey mayne, you gots my Jangalang.."
by Reverend S. Fresh August 21, 2005
man with fine nipples... other nicknames bein jizzles n derick brooks
jangalang... come do that freaky thang wit ur eye again
by jizzles March 17, 2003
jangalang not 2 be confused wit dangalang,is a nickname 4 a very famous pimp by the name of daniel wilson
'jangalang... when u comin over 2night'
by daniel, jizzle March 16, 2003
not 2 be confused wit dangalang, is a nickname 4 a pimp at mac name daniel wilson
so jangalang... when u comin over 2night
by jizzles March 17, 2003
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