When thong underwear gets stuck in between your butt cheeks.
My jana lyn was so big that I thought I pooped my pants.
by cuddlz February 04, 2010
Top Definition
A JanaLyn is a gorgeous girl. She has many talents that are overlooked by most people. Although she is pretty, she has a nasty temper. Unlike the rest of the world she does not think she is pretty. She prefers to spend most of her hours alone listening to music.
That girl is so hot that she's gotta be a JanaLyn
by kisses23 June 14, 2016
A Janalyn is an exceptionally beautiful woman, with incredible talents, especially in the bedroom.
Its vagina tastes like liquid chocolate and its ass smells like cherry blossoms.
"Wow honey, your pussy is so delicious, you must be a Janalyn."
by stephanie buttkiss February 26, 2008
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