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Sleepwear for all ages
I'm staying in tonight, I'm already wearing my jamjams.
by i'm wearing my jamjams September 26, 2007
12 2
The most bestest pajamas you will ever find. Once you find these one of a kind pajamas you will scream at the top of your lungs using a childish lisp to announce to the world what has just happened.
by rey rey toats mcgoats October 12, 2010
19 0
A godlike being that is a deity in videogames, and expert in getting tails, has an IQ of at least 300, a fantastic entertainer, and lover of the arts. Apprecaites the finer things in life and is destined to be a wealthly, sexy, and brillant human who will accomplish much in life. He also has a HUGE "Lincoln Log" (if you know what I mean) and farts that smells like the inside of a bakery.
Whoa, it's that big; he's a total Jam-Jam.
by Jamiah January 14, 2008
30 20
A condom or prophylactic.
Krista wouldn't let me do her last night because I forgot a Jam Jam.
by Dsxpress March 26, 2010
5 3
Boobs, breasts, titties
Did you see the jam jams on her?

We're going to the Jam bar tonight 8)
by ThatAznGuyFromVictoria February 19, 2014
1 0
(n) 1) a general term for an object or objects substituted for the said object(s)

a shortened version is often "jams"
Person 1: Did you see the game last night?
Person 2: Who didn't see those jam-jams!?
by Rob Ciango November 07, 2006
2 1
people use the word jam jam as a shorter way to say jamica it can be used we askin wer sum 1 is from.
oi blud .. wer u from
jam jam init
im goin jam jam in da suma its gona b dope
by shakz April 03, 2006
2 1