Jive-Ass-Mother-Fucker. Used by Clint Eastwood on Bravo's "Inside the Actor's Studio." Probably more effective as an insult if not used as an acronym.
"You J.A.M.F.!"
"He's such a J.A.M.F."
"Shut up, you J.A.M.F."
by Chives June 16, 2005
Top Definition
Jive ass mutha fucka!!!!!!
"that mutha fuckas a jamf, mutha fucka!!!!"
by Andy from glasgow August 28, 2005
jamf means...jive ass motherfucker, can either be meant in good or bad terms!
first used (i think) in "dirty harry"
good... "man that guy looks amazing"
" yeah he's a right jamf"!

bad..." omg look at that jamf..."
by Zzozzie June 24, 2005
Obviously a reference to "Jive ass mother fucker" but Jive ass mother fletcher is the actual definition as it was defined in sanford & son the show in which it originated
Guy 1: What up?
Guy 2: Shut yo lip jamf!
by Master Pimpstick Price February 13, 2008
Jive ass mother fucker.
Bob is a jive ass mother fucker (Jamf) just like Clint Eastwood.
by Jamfjohn May 15, 2005
An acronym for jack-ass motherfucker. Used as an insult.
That punk-ass bitch is a real jamf.
by Skiddy Boppa May 29, 2005
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