A beautiful exotic girl who secretly everyone adores. . Very unique an open minded. Charismatic, gorgeous and full of personality. One of a kind and very sweet.
Wow this girl's got it all. Yup, she's a Jamesca
by reader27 July 14, 2010
Top Definition

1.The act of being the most gorgeous person in the world.

2.Trusting, caring person with amazing facial features and personality. A jamesca will love you for who you are.Jamesca's are wonderful, quizzical people.

3. The quintessence of beauty.
Person1: " awww, I'm disappointed. she's a lovely girl, but she doesn't have it all."

Person 2 : "What were you expecting, a jamesca ?"

Person 1:" Pretty much!"
by lorigordard July 17, 2010
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