Considered a songwriter, but really a crossdressing woman or a boy who grabbed his balls too hard. Needs to learn to shut the fuck up. Other names are Blunty, Cunt, james blunty, james blunder.
*very high voice* I think im gay, i think im gay, and im noooot beautiful. (Sung by james blunt)
by Sarah And Kitty April 28, 2006
Cockney rhyming slang for cunt
Do you take me for a complet James Blunt?
by Liam Daniels February 09, 2007
Someone whose fame is mysterious. Everyone knows he can't sing so no one knows how he became famous.
Anyone who likes James Blunt should be put into a psych ward.
by lurannn March 02, 2008
A great songwriter and singer, gets more action than any of the poofs on this site will ever get. A classic stoner and hippie type.
James Blunt totally rocks.
by KatherineSue July 20, 2006
Twat who can't sing and entices the hearts of 12 year old girls everywhere..
Having said that, he surely is a modern poet: such rhyming couplets as face and place, and do and you..
I think we can all agree it inspires us all..
And the power behind a verse of 'la's' because he couldnt be assed to write anymore..Beautiful!
James Blunt: I saw your face in a crowde face and i don't know what to do,
as long as i whine about it at least i'll go double platinum - woo hoo
by Wadey7 April 26, 2006

e.g Shut up you James Blunt.
Cockney rhyming slang
by Dave100000 August 24, 2005
james blunt is the best singer/songwriter of this time. he is awesome. he's from england which is very cool. everyone should love james blunt.
good songs of` james blunt include: high, 1973, so long jimmy, wisemen etc...
by tennisball August 30, 2007
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