when you got to a concert expecting a certain type of music and end up watching a jam band.
Dude, we went to go see System Of A Down and the opening band sounded like Phish. We got jambushed.
by chillantro March 20, 2010
Top Definition
When you are playing music at an open mic night and a complete stranger jumps on stage and starts playing with you without asking.

Highly annoying, especially if said stranger isn't nearly as good as they think they are.

A portmanteau word from "jam" and "ambush." Past tense "jambushed."
Roommate: Yo, how was open mic tonight?

Bleeding-heart songwriter: Lame. Got jambushed by this drunk harmonica player. Just leaped up without saying anything and started doing terrible, terrible things to my song.

Roommate: Sucks, dude.
by whomakesyourmoney July 29, 2010
When someone walks into a room full of jewish people and doesn't fit.
"Dont go in there cathy, its a Jambush.".

"Thanks dave, i owe you one"
by 10SpeedTed November 25, 2011
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