Place where men look to fuck ugly girls in the country
dude 1:"Dude, i totally fucked this fugly girl at a jamboree last night"
dude 2:"no way man, party foul. Megan is way prettier"

megan: "ugh jnasty fucked this girl at a jamboree. i bet she was fugly."
caitlin: "oh man thats some shit. i'ma beat his ass for fucking a fugly bitch instead of youu."
by ghettonun. September 05, 2009
adebayo : some one that is born in the day of joy
that guy is adebayo(noun)
that guy jump like someone with adebayo
by sheriff sodeinde August 16, 2003
Stupid hippies trying to "jive" (see also jive) to crappy hippy music.
Also stupid hippies going by the flower power lifestyle, damn hippies
eg. Hippies are stupid and go to woodstock 69'
by Linda February 25, 2003

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