A female that wears tight clothes to bars and clubs. A Jamboree carries a positive disposition, so much that the combination of her looks, style and attitude maker her seem like so much fun. not exceeding 5'5

AGE: (Typically ranging from 18-25, although there is no true age-limit)
HEIGHT: not exceeding 5'5
-Do you know that Jamboree over there?
-Dang, look at that Jamboree!
-That little Hun-Dog is a Jamboree!
by I_am_Tapantho4you March 20, 2011
adebayo : some one that is born in the day of joy
that guy is adebayo(noun)
that guy jump like someone with adebayo
by sheriff sodeinde August 16, 2003
Stupid hippies trying to "jive" (see also jive) to crappy hippy music.
Also stupid hippies going by the flower power lifestyle, damn hippies
eg. Hippies are stupid and go to woodstock 69'
by Linda February 25, 2003

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