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Swahili, used when greeting a person
by marie September 18, 2004
a retard who supports Heart of Midlothian footbal club
see : downsyndrome or windowlicker
by andy July 13, 2004
A person with one of many various disabilities. Not very pleasant on the eyes or nose and almost always highly disillusioned about there state of affairs.

99% of washing line crime convictions in 2013 were held accountable to 'jambo's' or the 'scumbos' as they have become better known. They mostly inhabit a derelict part of the city where most immigrants can afford to stay or even have a go at running the club.

Sir Jimmy So-vile.

Gary Glitter business partner of Craig Thomson
Rolf Harass-ment
On his way home the JAMBO smiled and thought to himself- I wish I was a hibee
by Al jambosmustdie January 05, 2014
A crap football from Edinburgh that cant pay their players on time. They are that crap that they are now in administration and have 15 points deducted from their forthcoming season. They also have a love affair with paedophiles playing for them, or managing them. They call themselves "the big team" cause they are fuds. They actually reek of shitness.
Hey, I see the Jambos got beat by St Mirren
Aye, that's cause they are crap mate
by footie fan July 13, 2013
Jambo is Boy Scout slang for the National Boy Scout Jamboree that have been held at Fort A.P. Hill in Caroline County VA for decades. It's more or less a giant Charlie Foxtrot where diseases get passed easily because of poor sanitation (not STDs, stomach bugs and things like that). I know this because I went to one.
-NewScout: I can't wait to go to Jambo!! It's gonna be so much fun!!
-EagleScout: Good luck getting over the stomach bug you'll get on the second day there.
by Sid Barrett October 08, 2007
a sexy person
''hey did you just see that chick that walked by, man she was jambo''
by paulgreen July 10, 2009
A black person
"Look at that black man!"
"I know, what a fuckin' jambo!"
by Jambo-man January 02, 2009
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