British slang for fart.
Just before letting one go, the British guy says, "Excuse me mate, Jamtart!".
by jmd04f March 25, 2009
It can Replace any offensive word there is. It can also mean pussy, fag,or someone thats a little weird can be called jammy.
That kid is such a JAM TART
by Cadd E September 13, 2008
a whore that's on her period
person 1: "did you fuck stacy last night?"
person 2: "nah, she was a jam tart"
by purpleninjawithzecat August 19, 2011
younger version of a tart, 11teen to 17, anyone in this age group that wanders into your site while your looking for ladies... you should be disappointed and turn away
1st dude in car: hey whats that up ahead?
2nd: wtf? man thats a jamtart!
1st: fuck! dam jamtarts!
by Kenladin October 15, 2004
Idiot. Dumbass person
1. That kid is a jamtart.
2. Look at the kid cutting his finger off, what a jamtart.
by Andy W November 23, 2003
A Child under five constantly in public with Jam on his or her face. Jamtart's are often slathered with jam as they are temperamental children and Mom is too tired to fight the child by washing the face area, parent gives up the 'pressure' of presenting child in public.
Sally never knew that washing a child's face could be such an ordeal, instead to ease her mental pain, she let him run free around town as a Jamtart Baby.
by CRomeo March 27, 2007

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