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An alien sex organ. Comes from the episode of South Park when they discover that Earth is just a reality TV show.
"Oh yeah, you got my jagon all hard!"
by Stevio G. September 27, 2004
The penis located on the right shoulder-blade of an alien. Comes from the episode of South Park when the cast finds out earth is just a reality show.
Suck My Big Alien-ized Jagon!
by Zack-Cock Master! January 07, 2006
Simply put, anything. Can replace any noun in any sentence. Most notably, the word is either used to reference a penis or someone who is a really flaming idiot.
Suck my jagon.

Dude, my physics teacher is a jagon.

Go get me that jagon over there, I'm too lazy to grab it for myself.

The color of that car is very jagon.

The black man had a large jagon.

You're a jagon.
by T-Math October 30, 2005
the penis on the shoulders of aliens on southpark. these are seenin the cancelled episode, a real classic.
oooohh yeah! suck my jagon!
by The Niz Biz Wiz February 09, 2008
One (male or female) who has breasts in the shape or form of torpedoes. Commonly mistaken for a noun adjective or verb that can placed anywhere in a sentence.

Can also be used in place of the noun torpedo tits.
Frank: You're dipping your jagon in my drink as you're bending over!

Ben: Oh my bad i guess my jagon does get a little out of control! (controlling laughter for thought of being on inside of joke) Right guys!?

Frank: Yeah, you've got some crazy jagon all right.
by Leon JQ May 18, 2009
A quick reference to a cock or another foreign ( alien speciese ) equivilant of a
yea baby, suck that jagon
by M&C July 17, 2005
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