Jaggoff: A g-rated term urban fathers used while either stuck in or cut off in traffic when they are in the present of chldren(specifically their own) who are under the age of thirteen. "Jaggoff" is a slang term for Jack-ass,Fuckface, Muther-fucker,Asswipe,Son of a Bitch or any other Swear term that may come back to haunt him through the mouth of his little precious boy/girl
> AURGHGHGHGHG!!! That guy was a freaking Jaggoff!!
by Coral September 30, 2004
Top Definition
A derivation of the words jack off used for over 50 yrs in Pittsburgh. I used it as a kid even before I knew what jacking off was. Used it this manner because it seemed less offensive to the ear. It was especially used by people south of the Monongahela river. My Pittsburgh accent is so strong that a woman walk up to me in a gym in Phoenix and said"Your from Pittsburgh aren't you" by overhearing a conversation. Still in use by older Pittsburghers but dying out.
The guy at the end of the bar is a jaggoff, cool you duals and fuck him, not worth doing time over. jack off
#jack off #masturbate #wank #choking the chicken #beat off
by John Toxey June 25, 2011
A Pittsburgh insult. Basically a 'jack-off'. But if you call some one in Pittsburgh PA a jagg-off, it is basically like saying 'FUCK YOU'
"I cant believe that them Stillers lost the last game! The coach is such a jagg-off!"
#jag-off #jerk-off #jack-off #fuck-off #jagg-of
by Riley1618 October 26, 2009
A contest in which two individuals must do an impersonation of Mick Jagger when the other says, "do your best jagg."
"What's going on?"
"We're having a Jagg off. Hey Tom! Do your best Jagg!"
dances like Mick Jagger
#mick jagger #jagg #impersonation #rock #cool
by jones-jones April 24, 2008
Steven Rau
wow, that guy is a jaggoff. His name must be steven Rau.
#rau #steven #guy #name #real
by Steven Rau April 11, 2011
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