A type of homosexual who once was effeminate and soft and did not like hard core, brutal sex (i.e. a bunny). However, had a run in with a bear (i.e. raging butch homosexual) and got messed up so bad that he now craves being caught by a bear again.
A bear loves nothing better than fooling a bunny that he's all sweet and then, BLAM!, that bunny is never quite the same. He falls into a depression, goes straight, or becomes a jack rabbit.
by dabunnywhodabearcaught September 18, 2003
Top Definition
The best dildo ever. Featured on Sex and the City. Go out and buy it.
I used my jack rabbit last night and came five times.
by Me January 30, 2005
1. n. describes a person who commonly engages in the act of boning as much as they possibly can.

2. n. a small furry, yet extremely horny rodent, who fucks with such high intensity that their heart/lungs may burst.
1. Keith is such a jackrabbit.

2. I bet Peter and his girlfriend fuck like wild jackrabbits.
#sex machine #horny #fucker #bone #fake puss
by CPepe December 19, 2005
Not to be confused with jackhammer, jackrabbit is NOT a compliment! It can be characterized by a painful, non-enjoyable sex experience. When being the victim of such a sexual encounter it is best to watch tv, or take your mind off of it in some manner. Planet Earth is generally suggested.
Wow. I had jackrabbit sex last night, it sucked.
#jackhammer #bad #not good #gross #vomit
by Kurah Whorekapic November 01, 2009
To fuck like a bunny (aka: all the time)
Man, you guys are a couple of jackrabbits!
#sex #rabbit #intercourse #fucking #jack
by Supercruise February 09, 2006
People who have nothin else on their mind but having sex 24/7
those two are jackrabbits
by d;ahga April 19, 2003
An impeccably fit man that uses his skill and endurance to have prolonged, tantric-like, sex of varying position and rhythm to ensure his partner has multiple mind-blowing orgasms.
He's a total jackrabbit; I came seven times last night.
#multiple orgasms #jack rabbit #cum #fucking #tantric sex
by VerySatisfied March 04, 2015
The act of dying repetitively.
Guys help i am going to jackrabbit.
#die #dying #death #failure #repeat #repetitive
by Bord November 26, 2014
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