Before climaxing during a blowjob slamming your partners head down, thus making her deep-throat your penis and ejaculating down her throat.
When talking to my girlfriend she informed me the she spits and doesn't swallow. so mid-blow job I slammed her head down and gave her a jack in the box.
by MPASS August 05, 2011
While having anal sex with a female, you fist the female, reaching through the wall separating the vagina from the anus and jack yourself off. Thus you are, "jacking, in the box"
The other day I gave this girl a "Jack in the Box".
by airmel March 13, 2010
to masturbate in one's cubicle instead of working.
slave to the man #1: "Work sucks."
slave to the man #2: "At least we can still jack in the box."
by j-moné October 12, 2005
When a guy ejaculates in a woman's pussy. From "Box", britisjh slang for pussy. and jacking.. so to have "Jack in the box", is semen in the pussy
Hey you see that nasty chick in Cream pies #8?
Yeah, totally Jack in the Box
by lordonightmares December 11, 2006
Fast food resturant popular in the US, and HOLY in California. With such a wide selection of supreme quality food at such affordable prices, Jack in the Box rules all other fast-food franchises worldwide.
I'm hungry and only have a little money. I KNOW! I'll go to Jack in the Box, get full and have a lot of cash left over!

by Evil Pumpkin December 10, 2003
A fast food place that got their ass sued off after food poisening killed this one guy in california, but they fixed their food after that. Also has awesome commercials.
Kid: So what did Jack come up with today?
Woman: The turkey jack.
Kid: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Woman: I know.
Kid: EVERYONE loves turkey!!!
Woman: But nobody's doing it.
by KaiserMonkey September 29, 2003
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