the definition of working for the devil where you have to pay to get your own paycheck but what the devil don't find out isn't a problem
why wont jack in the box die yet
by nascardude April 02, 2009
While a person is getting their butthole licked, a rectal tickle occurs enticing a fart.
That bitch was such a whore I wasn't even embarrassed about unleashin the Jack in the Box.
by Noynumal May 01, 2009
The act of taking an aborted fetus and inserting it into a girls rectum. Then when your friend is having sex with her, you run out and jump on her stomach, revealing the suprise.
My little brother was being annoying so i gave him a jack in the box.

When I gave him a jack in the box, he had sex with jack.
by A-jizzle-jizzinmamouth December 14, 2008
/Jak/./En/./Tha/./Baks/ adj. 1. To drop in on someone completely unannounced thus upsetting them or potentially ruining something. 2. Dropping in without calling. 3. Showing up unannounced and fucking everything up.
1. He was about to get some from girl on the side but his woman Jack in the boxed his ass.

2. I was sleeping like a baby till I got jack in the boxed by that douche Bobby.

by Soulsurvivor_2001 March 08, 2006
1. God's gift to himself, it is a restaurant chain on the west coast. Its fries are made out of 100% pure awesome and its burgers are an orgasm between two buns. They serve everything, and they do it well.

They had an E. Coli thing in 1993, which people STILL talk about when Jack In The Box is mentioned. Seriously people, it was almost two decades ago and JITB has not had any problems since. It is probably the SAFEST place to eat now. It's time to start opening them up out east again (they closed a lot of them after 1993). I would never eat McDonald's cow turd burgers again.

2. Children's toy... whatever.
Bill: Dude, I got you jack in the box.

Ted: No way! I love that place. What kind of burger did you get me?

Bill: I got you the toy *lol*

Ted: *punches Bill in the face*
by Flick507 May 08, 2011
the hella shyt place in cali and other places to eat cheap and quick
Lets bounce to the jack in the box man
-Hell fucking yeah
by vlad k November 11, 2005
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