a jack-in-the-box, is when, while havig intercourse, the mans penis, comes out of the other end o a womn, making her as suprised as a 2 year old with a jack-in-th-box
1 ahhh, mummy!!!!
2. oh, shit, thats the first time Ive given a jack-in-th-box!!!
by analsexxx March 12, 2005
when a man jacks in a box and jizzes all over it, and put its in the partners head and then say u got jack in the box bitch
Jeff: here do u want jack in the box

Kevin: yes

Jeff:heres jack in the box bicth!!!

Kevin: u basturd
by nbdbsd201 November 09, 2010
Jack in the box
V. The act of farting or producing waste of the rear into a public trash can and then closing the lid leaving it for someone else to discover and/or deal with.
As I went to the mcdonalds across the street to annoy them by eating my burger king just to find a Jack in the box as I am told to throw it away.
by Jefferys deffinitions August 20, 2010
While banging a broad from behind, make sure she is facing the head board or some other hard suface and wrap your hand around her hair while humming or whistling the "Pop goes the Weasle" tune. When you get to the big "Pop" toward the end, slam her face as hard as you can
Hey I gave her the jack in the box last night. Check out her face!!!
by Tyranize October 19, 2010
When the tip of the penis pokes the entrance to the vagina (meant to be enticing). This process continues momentarily until the penis decides to make forcefull penetration.
"you anticipate it just like a jack in the box!!!!"
by candykane December 28, 2008
A bi- or homosexual male who has not yet revealed his sexuality publicly. "Jack" refers to the character from Will & Grace.
Kevin makes more passes at guys than a quarterback, even though he's with Kerri. Do you think's a jack in the box?
by s.a.r.a.h. January 22, 2008
A man with a inverted penis or a women with a engorged clitoris.
your moms got a really big clit, i think she's got a jack in the box

went down too 138th st, looking too find myself some heterosexual intercourse "man on women love", wound up with a jack in the box. SURPRISE!!!
by Fisty McCramminhands June 09, 2007

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