A person whom gets in bed before their spouse,pulls the covers up tightly to their chest or mid-section. The individual then passes gas under the covers trapping the suprise. Once the bed time partner approaches the bedside, the person under the covers quickly removes the covers in the direction of their partner thereby throwing the previously trapped fart at their still standing partner while simotaneously yelling POW or BAM.
After chilli and burrito night i got to bed early to set up an epic jack in the box.
by Bryan S. Silver February 03, 2014
What you would use to describe a Jackass if your Grandmother was present and you cared about her ears.
-This guy's a total jackinthebox, he left his gf for his gf's bff and now they're cushin' it.
by Avalone October 21, 2007
When one takes Adderall when one is still half asleep, whilst setting one's alarm to go off ten minutes into the future. When the alarm goes off, one will find oneself jumping up, suddenly wide awake. Popping up out of one's bed like that fey, much-celebrated children's toy of yesteryear.
Jack: Give me some of your 10 mg generics, I am going to need to pull a Jack-in-the-box this morning.
by skullskratching-soulsearching December 31, 2013
A jack in the box is a diarrehia explosion where it doesn't make it in the toilet. Instead, all over the bathroom and walls.
Oh shit I just jack-in-the-boxed.
by flowerchild91 August 10, 2008
One of the best fast food restraunts out there. An actual clean restraunt other than hardees or mcdonalds. They make quality food.
Im gonna get me a chicken fajita pita from jack in the box.
by Oz April 19, 2005
While one is having sexual intercourse with his girl and they are fucking but while his penis is in her he grabs the end of it and "shakes hands with mr. happy" until he climaxes.
Friend: "Hey man what did you do last night, you look exhausted"
You: "Oh well man, Jack-In-The-Box came pretty "handy" last night near the "end" of my session with my wife."
by Scott#@!@#! October 28, 2008
While you are 'jack'ing off, someone walks in on you just as you are climaxing and you ejaculate on them.
Sexy man 1:Dude did you see that American Pie?

Guy 2:Oh yea the one where stiffler pulled a jack in the box all over his grandma!!
by SPsexyman555 September 28, 2011
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