Words/phrases/abbreviations used by sailors in the Royal Navy.
'Port and starboard scran spanners' is knife and fork.
'Couldn't organise 50% leave in a two man canoe' is someone who is disorganised.
For further info find the book JackSpeak. it'll be somewhere on the internet
by rustymatelot November 09, 2007
Top Definition
Royal Navy Slang - Used in the navy.
He was talking "jack speak", you divit.
pusser - navy, dobey - wash, dits - stories
by Jake214 November 09, 2006
To mumble or say things as if you were Jack Sparrow.
JackSpeak is the art of talking like this:

"...No! If we don't have the key, we can't
open whatever it is we don't have that
it unlocks. So what purpose would be
served in finding whatever need be unlocked,
which we don't have, without first having
found the key what unlocks it?..."
by Idzy September 10, 2006
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