(v) the act of ambushing a person and shooting them with a fire arm at close range, typically resulting in the death of the person shot
I wish someone would Jack Ruby that sicko that is claiming he killed Jon Bennet Ramsey.
by Joe>> August 18, 2006
Top Definition
While engaging in missionary sex the male pulls out and shoots his load onto the stomach of the woman. Named after the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK's assassin) by shooting him in the stomach in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters.
I was totally banging LaQweefa last night but since I didn't have a rubber I had to give her the ol' Jack Ruby.
by Bernie Chamberlain June 30, 2013
The man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald (who supposedly assassinated JFK). He was a club owner, and involved in the mafia.
"Jack Ruby was tried and convicted of Murder with Malice."
by maria ongpin September 05, 2004
The Guy Who Shot Lee Harvey Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK
Jack Ruby(Exacuted)
by Seagulls Of Satan!!! August 14, 2008
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