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Jack Roller: in nineteenth and early Twentieth Century America a Jack Roller was a guy who hung around the skid row sections of big cities and robbed those unwise enough to get visibly drunk by beating them up and stealing their valuables. He "rolled drunks," and was called a Jack Roller. A Jack Roller's crime is also called, "Strong-arm robbery." Jack Roller is an old term still used on San Francisco's and Seattle's waterfront.
"He's a low-life," the bouncer said to the bartender in a waterfront saloon. "He's a jack roller. He beat up an old guy pretty bad last week, just to steal a couple of dollars from him."
by Jay Magoo January 02, 2012
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A person who robs drunk people (out on the streets where the drunk bar people walk around at night).
"Man I can hardly walk straight lets take this alley as a shortcut to the next bar." "Dude, what the fuck man, that bum just jacked my slice of pizza" "Oh shit he just knifed me and then took my wallet!"

- "That pig fucking jackroller !!"

Hey! That jack roller just gutted my car and stabbed me with a broken beer bottle!
by David DDDD October 28, 2007
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