A rare name. Not pronounced JC. but, Jacey like Lacey. The people who have this name are the bomb for whatever reason.
Bob: "Her name is Jacey."
Bill: "Wow that's a cool name."
by bouttime September 06, 2008
Top Definition
the most amazing beautiful girl in the entire world. the most gorgeus person. she shines so bright that they need sun glasses just to look at her beauty. she's got the body of a godess:)
she is an amazing person that never needs to change!
damn, that girl is a jacey. shatwy ain't a teeenn, she a jacey. godess.
by yo; gwen October 05, 2008
a wonderfully great person who is destined to have many boyfriends and go far in life and eternally be happy.
a kick ass kid
Man i love it when I can hang out with Jacey
by immakickass September 08, 2008
A gorgeous freshman girl.
Jacey will you go to prom with me?
by jakecampbell January 21, 2012
A hot blonde with a nice ass and tits, she will be a hoe when older but many guys will still want her
Damn she looks like a Jacey, her ass and tits are nice and she has blonde hair
by bigdickrickgetsallthechick January 20, 2015
Jacey: A man crossed between a woman called Tracey and a man called Jason who usually has a feminine voice.
"Hey Steve that man looks part women and has a feminine voie."
"I know Adam he is both part man and women he's half Tracey half Jason he's a Jacey!"
by ACE_SOA October 26, 2012
husband material, another word for hottest guy on the planet

hot babe nice smart clean std free husband twiss
OMG look at that guy...he's such a Jacey...I shall have his babies!
by Ginger Hendrix October 17, 2008
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