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A battle.net user who is obviously paving the way towards the future of gaming.
Jabudox is going to be a key factor for improving the battle.net forums.
by cvm August 14, 2003
A clueless newbie who dedicates himself to Bluebones. Jabudox(normally spelled with a lowercase J, since he can't type) often resorts to antics such as saying he's going for suicide for sympathy and attention. However, whenever this is pointed out by Bluebones, he quickly withdraws.
Jabudox is a loser who really needs to kill himself and save the world the trouble.
by jabudox July 14, 2003
A very lumpy style ofcustart, often made by th Victorians.
Oh my! this custard is lumpy you villan! off ith his head!
by A friend. September 22, 2003