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an acronym: Jar Of Pickles - coming from the latin jarus o pickli, A container, usually made of glass, filled to the brim with vinegar, and stuffed with some type of organic substance, frequently pickles. Pickled cucumbers, pickled tomatoes, pickled plums, pickled infant heads, pickled mangoes! you can technically pickle almost anything!

....and I mean anything.
Bill: Don't open that container (possibly made of glass), containing vinegar, and organic matter: it's a j.o.p.

Harrold: I know i'm hungry!

Buffallo Bill: you eat infants heads?

Hannibal Lecter: ...maybe...

Professor Snape: Cannibalism will not be tolerated. Detention.
by NikosIsGodly July 29, 2009
1 4
Person who is an extremely faggish ass-fuck with no life.
Andrew is not a jop.
by ta-da November 02, 2004
51 39
There are many variations of the word Jop that I can encountered. Most of them while playing online games. the definition varied depending on the continent the player was from: Here are the most common:
1 - arsehat
2 - obsessive cretin
3 - douchebag
4 - homosexual
5 - total fuckwit
6 - frozen noob
7 - dirty bird
Person 1 - I'm writing a script

Person 2 - Liar! Don't be such a Jop

Person 1 (repeating) - svibieuvbiebv
Person 2 - Fuck off Jop!
by PowerGamer December 20, 2011
16 7
Acronym for (J)ack (O)ff (P)ain, when you have been jacking off A LOT lately and your dick hurts and you can see red spots on it. If you have JOP you should wait a few days before jacking off again.
by I hate JOP January 01, 2010
12 9
originated from a misspelling of 'job'; created my two middle school teeni boppers; means: a homosexual paycheck having a nice day
Stop being such a JOP!" "That girl is so freaking joppy, I can't stand it!!
by a neerrd August 02, 2010
8 6
stands for "just off the plane or "just off plane" it is a term used to describe an immigrant from anywhere that is completely new to your country
I nat a JOP I hive geed Englich
by Evike August 08, 2011
9 8
A place where many fine ladies can be found. Thought to have originated from the name of a club in Baltimore.
That club on 22nd second is such a jop, we will pick up so many hot chicks there.
by rgblbt December 07, 2010
2 2
A universal adjective to describe anything, anyone or any type of situation.
Chris was looking jop today sitting next to Joe in Mr. G's class
by André Dijon October 04, 2010
1 2