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An acronym for Just Another Day Dominated. When someone asks you how your day is going, and you are definitely dominating that day, this is all you got to say.
"Hey, brah, how's your day goin'?"

"J.A.D.D., dude. J.A.D.D."
by Boylston Street January 07, 2008
Quiet and small Arab boy cursed with having the most unpopular name on Urban Dictionary. Usually the best rapper in his school or office, although few know of his secret talent. His penis size is above average, and he is extremely hairy because of his Arab genes.
"Have you listened to any of Jadd's raps? They're bloody amazing!
"Who's Jadd?"
by Mekedonkle June 02, 2016
an adjective which you can use to describe something or someone as smelly
that thing is really jadd
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