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the youngest rapper in d-block
not as successful as his counterparts, but is the illest lyricist from d-block
"im a skinny nigga but when i hustle i hold weight
pay a chauffeur to drive while i doggy style your prom date"
by jim August 10, 2004
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I've got to run down to the J'hood and get me a Bar Mitzvah present for my bosses son.
by Goziner May 16, 2011
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1. Someone who is among all things, hood. However, not ghetto hood. For example, someone who can stare into your eyes and make you slap yourself in the face out of pure fear would be a JHood. Someone who can make a little baby on the beach start fighting you just by pointing at you is Jhood.

The reason for the J is during the chant, jHOOOD! Which is proclaimed during an event in which someone performs a hood act.

A person who creates games designed specifically to hurt people would also be considered a JHood.

2. A Rapper
Person #1: Yo! Sink this last cup to end this game of beer pong!

Person #2: OK!

Jhood- *Looks at Person #2*

Person #2: *Throws the game*
by DBLOCK CONNECTION July 10, 2009
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when you trim ur pubes in the bathroom of your student house , forget to clean up, and end up clogging the sink. Then your housemates find it clogged and attempt to fix the hairy dilemma only to realize that it is indeed unfixable- the hair is just too thick! Ultimately the sink needs to be replaced and you have yourself with one hell of a J HOOD.
"Omggggggg Matt Davies Pulled a J HOOD Again!!!!"
by SSSBBB December 07, 2007
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