A terrible hockey player who gets called for multiple penalties in a single game or period and spends most of the game in the nest. A J Bird costs a hockey team the game because he is in the nest so much, but they forgive him because of their hot sister.
Can you believe that J Bird got called for intent of slashing and is getting sent to the nest.
by kwillock November 30, 2011
Top Definition
A term of endearment given to an attractive female whose name starts with the letter 'J'.
Everyone agreed that his j-bird was the prettiest girl in town.
by HumbleGenius October 28, 2009
A term referring to a large joint. J represents 'Joint' whereas Bird represents "How High you will be.' This term is used primarily in the Bay Area.
"Grab some papers from the corner store so we can roll up a J Bird and get hella high."
by b2a1y3 March 08, 2009
A person that escaped from jail. On the run.
j-bird = O'Jay
by WhackJob1 December 23, 2008
Referred to a person who is in and out of jail often. Also used to refer to an asshole; or both combined.
That boy Nassty such a J-Bird.
by DarkAngel22 March 05, 2014
Refers to a woman who is hotter than anyone you've ever seen before.
Jen is such a jbird that she makes all the other jbirds go to shame...in fact on a scale of 1 to 10, she's a 197.
by MeHereNow June 04, 2007
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