Top Definition
(jayed on)
also commonly spelled j'd on or jd on.


The act of being literally or figuratively ejaculated on. Also the act of literally or figuratively ejaculating on someone else. From the phrase "Jerked on" or also commonly used "Jizzed on".

Adjective / Exclamation
When something is extremely cool.

1. Dude I saw a cop pull over someone for going like 100 mph today. That guy got so j'd on.

2. Dude I just j'd on this exam it was ridiculous.

3. Yo did you see when I threw that open mayo packet at that guys face today? It looked like he got j'd on it was hilarious.


1. Dude you should have seen this tricked out car it was so j'd on.

2. me: Dude I just won 100 bucks at the casino!!!
dude: NO WAY! J'ED ON!
by The kid with the blonde spot August 07, 2009
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