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it's on, when the party starts
You coming over after work on Friday?
I wasn't planning on it why?
Because izzon.
by Trey Skold June 23, 2005
79 12
A term used by gangster from cleveland, queen city, and wisconsin. its a form of ways to say goodbye
girl: "hey honey, you wanna have fun tonight?"
gangster: "nah girl, u stank, IZZON!!"
by cknight July 19, 2008
2 24
When to people part ways or say goodbye
ill see you next week bro izzon
by Tabasko January 30, 2008
1 24
1. The time of the day or night when it's on. Usually used in reference to drinking the booze or referring to a hot female.

2. Slang for "it's on", and usually slurred when said.

3. Being in agreement.
Jane Doe: "I think I might go out and have drinks tonight... I might even get drunk."

John Doe: "IZZON!"
by Jody Boyce November 10, 2005
6 41