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it's on, when the party starts
You coming over after work on Friday?
I wasn't planning on it why?
Because izzon.
by Trey Skold June 23, 2005
A term used by gangster from cleveland, queen city, and wisconsin. its a form of ways to say goodbye
girl: "hey honey, you wanna have fun tonight?"
gangster: "nah girl, u stank, IZZON!!"
by cknight July 19, 2008
When to people part ways or say goodbye
ill see you next week bro izzon
by Tabasko January 30, 2008
1. The time of the day or night when it's on. Usually used in reference to drinking the booze or referring to a hot female.

2. Slang for "it's on", and usually slurred when said.

3. Being in agreement.
Jane Doe: "I think I might go out and have drinks tonight... I might even get drunk."

John Doe: "IZZON!"
by Jody Boyce November 10, 2005

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