When you take a shit (or pee for the ladies) in the woods and wipe with poison ivy or sumac and get a rash on your hole and taint.
Oh dude, remember when I crapped in the woods? I totally used the wrong leaf and I totally have Ivy Bridge....
by obstreperer September 02, 2011
Top Definition
A total shitehole near Plymouth, thats chav population increases by the hour. There is nothing to to here and the only way you can get away is by car. Its actual supposed to be really middle class and posh but its not. The only good thing is Ivybridge Community College which is great apart from the chavs.
I wouldnt hand round the centre of Ivybridge after 8pm unless you want to get beaten up by a 14 year old chav.
by i_am_an_antichav March 28, 2005
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