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Ginos and Ginas are young Southern Europeans, mainly Italian and Greek, who wear expensive designer clothes. (clothes associated with ginos/ginas are Kappa, Diesel, Energie, DKNY, Guess, etc.) They generally drive fast, performance cars, and listen to European-style dance music (trance, techno, freestyle, euro, house, or more commonly called ginobeats)
and go MADD clubbing.. ;)
"look its a bunch of ginos"
"can you hear those gino beats?"
"those clothes are so gino"
by im a fuckin gino!! December 30, 2003
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Ginos and Ginas are stylish young people with European decent . They go clubbing a lot , drive hot souped up cars and are always dressed to impress .
by Vanjica August 22, 2003
ginoz are reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyy hott guyzdat wear kappa n are italian
"whoaaaa look @ those hot ginoz!!"
by im_not_a_skank July 31, 2003

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