a semi-freaky movie that is based on the book stephen king wrote (called it)
its just about this murderous clown that takes the shape of your worst fears and only attacks kids
its real name is pennywise (also a kick ass band)
unless there is a sequel to it then its a very gay and incomplete movie
"Come on down here, want a balloon? they float, everything floats down here and you float too"
-Pennywise the clown
by patio boi June 27, 2004
1. a word meaning crush, or lover.
2. the person whom you are currently stalking.
3. may occasionally be used in reference to a complete jerk.
1. omggg did u see that hottie over there??! he is SO my new IT.
by iamIT(R.S.);) April 03, 2010
What a non-technical person uses to describe anything and everything computer related.
They: 'IT doesn't work'
They: 'I installed IT and then the screen went blank. Why?'
They: 'He works in IT'

You (laughing inside): 'Have you turned IT off and back on again?'
by little-miss can't do wrong September 13, 2011
1.that which you suck
2.that crazy fuckin clown that kills kids in that steven king movie of the same name
brandon: suck it, hard!
hot lady: yes please!

kid1: ahhhhh! here it comes!
kid2: what's that?
kid1: that crazy fuckin clown that kills kids in that steven king movie of the same name!
kid2: shit son!
by Bran Flakes May 12, 2006
Perhaps the most uninformative 2 letter word, but often used as well.
Can you see it? it is in the water, it is scaly, it is green, it has sharp teeth. It gotcha.
by Lord_Nword February 27, 2003
The name of Gomez Addams cousin(from the Addams family) who is completely covered in hair and speaks gibberish.
My favorite character in the Addams family is cousin it!
by psychology nerd July 12, 2011
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